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Dining & Wining

We Cater for Your Meal Plans

Whether a family meal, guest entertainment or just socializing with friends, you are sure to have a memorable Dining & Wining experience. We serve a full range of meals from exotic breakfast to corporate buffet or you could choose from our full a la carte Menu with a rich range of reasonably priced dishes. You could also have a choice of charcoal grilled or oven grilled meat at the Choma Ranch Bandas.


Enjoy our mouth watering dishes prepared just for you at the Chemichemi restaurant by our executive chefs as you enjoy the breeze and the sweet sound of cascading water flowing down from the Chemichemi.


Our open kitchen eliminates any doubt you might have about our hygiene. We ensure you are in control while your meal is being prepared.


Our butchery where you order your favourite steak and next to it is our open choma kitchen where your order is prepared.


The cool shade in our spacious & open choma bandas which is sorrounded by a variety of flowers makes it the ideal, private place to enjoy your steak.


At Destination Resort Centre, We offer a wide variety of both hard and soft drinks. From Whisky to Brandy, Rum, Wines, Spirits, Liquors, Local & Imported Beer, Sodas and Juices all are catered for at our bar.


Taste a range of our home made coffee brewed by our expert barrister using freshly ground Kenyan coffee beans. You will also find our range of hot beverages irresistible. When it's too hot for coffee, our freshly squeezed juices offer a perfect substitute. For that quick snack, our Coffee shop is a must visit.

destination resort centre